What Business Phone Systems Features Do You Need?

Business Phone Systems

If you’re working from a home office or working on-site, you need a phone system that fits.

A phone system that fits is one that has the features you need right now. The phone system should also have features you may need in the future.

Why Phone System Features are So Important

Many phone system features are common. Even the most basic home phone has features like caller ID, answering machine, and volume control.

Better features help you up your game and be more professional. For example, if you’re working from home and using the regular home phone – do you really want to just place the phone on a counter, or would you rather place a customer on hold?

Let’s dig into features. Phones loaded with features aren’t much more expensive than the basic desk phone, click this link to learn more. Better to get all the features you can, than wish you had – and have to buy another phone system.

Best Phone System Features List

Here’s a list of what we feel are the40 best phone system features. There are dozens of more features available. We’ve chosen the ones we feel most apply to small business owners.

1. ACD System

ACD stands for automatic call distributor, which means the phone provides callers with a voice menu of choices, such as Press One for the sales team, or Press Two for the marketing team.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Think of this as similar to getting a message on your laptop, that a program is automatically speeding up an App. This works the same way with a phone. In the inner technology of the phone is the capability to speed up a process.

3. Audio Paging

A person can create an announcement and make an audible page. Such as “John, you’re wanted on Line 1.” Audio paging includes the capability for a person to create an announcement, store and review it before making the page.

4. Auto Attendant

Auto-attendant is a voice menu system that works like a receptionist would, but it’s a digital receptionist. A prerecorded voice directs callers to a voice menu system.

5. Automated Phone Directory

While Auto Attendant takes callers to a menu, an automated phone directory takes it a step further. Instead of directing callers to choose from a department, such as sales or technical support, the caller can choose a person. The names are stored in the directory. Check closely – the size (number of people) in the directory can vary.

6. Caller ID

The phone number and name connected to that number, for incoming calls.

7. Phone Call Queue

When calls come into the company, callers get a prerecorded message and are put in a queue or line. The caller will be told of their position, and listen to music while waiting. For example, “thank you for calling our company. Your call is currently third in line.”

8. Click and Drag Configuration

This works with PCs or laptops that use Microsoft Windows 10. This feature on an Android phone makes it possible for someone to move files – click and drag – from the phone to the computer, and vice versa.

9. Click to Call

This feature can be part of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Instead of physically dialing, the internet can be used to establish a connection between two callers.

10. Conference Call Setup

This is a must-have feature for workers who need to communicate as a team, but can’t always meet face-to-face. Being able to professionally take part in a conference call is always important, but even more important if you’re working from a home office when you need to be part of a team.

11. Dial-By-Name Directory

Callers can listen to a directory, and leave a message for a specific person. Sometimes a phone system has a vital add-on to this feature – the message goes to a specific employee and also to a general mailbox. It’s a great way to cover all the bases if an employee is off sick or on vacation.

12. Distinctive Ring

Sometimes an office phone system supports multiple incoming lines.The lines can be differentiated by rings, such as one ring, two quick rings, and triple ring. This can be a great feature for a home office. Work-related calls such as from suppliers can come on one line, customers on a second line, friends and family on a third line.

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