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The science of numerology is based on the power of numbers in our lives. It is thought that research on it dates back to the year. Numbers predate all alphabets and have existed since the beginning of time.

One of the “Fathers of Numerology” was PYTHAGORAS, who lived 2,400 years ago. Online Numerologist was able to use their skills and understanding to serve humanity’s needs. Pythagoras learned mathematics in Egypt and the Near East.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a tool to explore who we are as individuals and reveal our greatest potential on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. A numerologist near me provides insight into our potential destiny and natural talents and aid in improving our understanding of one another. It also explains why each person has unique traits and characteristics while illuminating the path we must travel to realize this potential.

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Numbers in Numerology

The Numerologist in India provides a free numerology chart below that explains the meanings of the numbers 1 through 9 and demonstrates how to determine your numerology number.

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  • Numerology Number 1

The number one represents qualities of strong leadership, audacity, courage, and creativity. It also signifies new beginnings. The top performers are also tenacious, ambitious, and trailblazing people who are very upbeat. 

  • Numerology Number 2

The cooperative, sensitive, and balanced team players are represented by the number 2. These people are modest, caring, responsible, loving, and supportive. It’s a good idea to hang out with number 2. Rudeness, lack of determination, pickiness, and fear are some of their weaker traits.

  • Number 3 in Numerology

The third group of individuals is upbeat and initially inventive. These people are known for solving problems and are sociable, joyful, and entertaining. The drawback is that they are prone to being dishonest, non-communicative, and superficial. A triad is a group of three things: past, present, and future, birth, life, and death.

  • Numerology Number 4

The number four demographic is dependable and responsible. They are cautious and well-prepared. On the other hand, they can also be inflexible, ineffective, and dogmatic. The number four is conventional, realistic, respectable, and sober.

  • Number 5 in Numerology

The number 5 people are characterized by their freedom and enthusiasm. Numerologists are also incredibly intelligent, sensual, daring, and productive individuals. They have the drawback of being hasty, impulsive, trite, and dull. Best Numerologist supports the pursuit of knowledge and the exercise of free will.

  • Number 6 in Numerology

People who are number 6 are responsible and nurturing. Numerologists are considerate and family-focused. They may also lack empathy and be distant. The number six stands for all kinds of romantic relationships. It should be no surprise that the ‘lovers’ are this number’s tarot representation since it stands for love, marriage, and unions.

  • Number 7 in Numerology

The number seven represents analysis and criticism. They can be picky, organized, and sage. On the other hand, they are prone to being judgmental, cynical, and shallow. People number 7 are contemplative, prefer solitude, and constantly seek to understand universal truths.

  • Number 8 in Numerology

The number 8 personality type is powerful, independent, aggressive, sharp, and clever. On the other hand, they can also be materialistic, rigid, and lazy. There are no gaps in the number 8. These people have two options: they can soar to heights of success that far exceed expectations or sink to pitiful failure. It represents prosperity, achievement, leadership, and efficient organization.

  • Number 9 in Numerology

People who are number 9 are kind, understanding, generous, charming, and idealistic. They are mystical and intuitive as well. On the other hand, they are effusive, impulsive, intolerant, stingy, and impulsive. They have a highly developed spirituality and intuition and are known to take up humanitarian causes. For these individuals, opal is a suitable gemstone. For these people, September is a month of good fortune.

Numerology’s Usefulness in Life

  • Use of numbers in personal life

It significantly influences our personal lives. It assists in identifying your lucky number and lucky color based on your personality. Try to be as eccentric as possible when using the lucky number and color formulas. This method can be used daily to determine lucky dates for things like house numbers, phone numbers, and vehicle numbers.

  • Use of Numbers in Business

Choosing a lucky launch date, lucky day, or new assignment work meeting can be helpful in business. Big businesses and business owners always use this.

  • Marriage Numerology

People are extremely cautious about wedding dates and other events taking place in Hinduism and Indian culture. Dates for marriage are chosen based on good omens and holy days.

  • Numerology in Career 

Many prosperous people use numerology in their professional lives. Many Bollywood celebrities use numerology to determine the release dates of their films; some even get tattoos of their lucky numbers; others use it to determine their desired career path. Consult Numerologist near me for advice if you are looking for a career opportunity in any profile.

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