What is Maternity Cover Health Insurance?

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Maternity Insurance is an optional coverage that may be added to an Individual or Family Health Insurance policy to cover all maternity-related expenditures.

Anyone with an existing or new Health Insurance with maternity cover plan can include this benefit for themselves or their spouse so that, when the time comes, we can cover and take care of all of your maternity expenses for the delivery of a baby and/or treatment-related to any complications in the pregnancy or medically necessary termination.

Additionally, the coverage covers fees related to reproductive concerns, as well as the newborn baby’s hospitalization costs owing to any medical complications, as well as vaccine costs, for up to 90 days after birth.

Planning for the next major thing in life, whether it’s your first or second time, can be one of the most beautiful but hard periods of our lives. The beginning of parenting and the birth of a new child may be one of the most beautiful yet challenging moments of our lives. Nervousness and excitement are the two emotions that come to me when I think of this event. Uncertainty and agitation are two words that come to mind while thinking about the future. Anxiety and pleasure are two emotions that people experience.

Whether you’re intending to start a family soon or give your existing kid a sibling to bond with, the stages of maternity, childbirth and all that comes with them can be stressful, and we’re here to assist. This is much ahead of schedule. After all, it’s always a good idea to plan not just for the unexpected, but also for the expected.

What is great about Maternity Cover?

Covers Hospitalization Costs for All Pregnancy-Related Problems: Covers hospitalization costs for all pregnancy-related complications, labor and delivery, and c-section operations.

Included with the Newborn Baby Cover: Our Maternity Benefit also includes a newborn infant cover, so your baby will be protected for the first 90 days at no extra charge! This covers any medical concerns as well as vaccines.

Infertility Expenses Covered: Our Health Insurance with maternity cover more than just childbirth costs. Infertility treatments are also included.

Medically Necessary pregnancy Terminations Are Covered: Unfortunately, if a medically necessary pregnancy termination is required, your maternity benefit coverage will cover you!

200 percent Sum Insured for Second Child: As a thank you, we will boost your Maternity Sum Insured for your second child by up to 200 percent. Of course, this also applies to people who have previously used Digit’s Maternity Benefit for their first child.

Who Can Take Advantage of Maternity Insurance?

If you satisfy the following conditions, you may be eligible for the maternity add-on cover in your health insurance plan:

  • If you selected the coverage when purchasing your health insurance with maternity cover or added it afterward.
  • If you have completed the 24-month waiting period. Only then will you be able to make a claim and get benefits from this maternity insurance.
  • If you’re less than 40 years old and married.
  • If you haven’t already used the cover for more than two kids.

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