What sort of Facebook ad can you put on your page and what are the advantages?

Facebook Advertising Platform

Organic postings – basic shares from a personal profile or a generated page – are practically hard to obtain results on Facebook these days. Even if we have a large number of admirers and followers, this is true. The reason for this is that Facebook, like everyone else, needs to make a livelihood. Money spent on advertising accounts for 80% of your entire revenue.

This may lead one to believe that Facebook is an expensive place to promote! Of course, this does not imply that you can obtain great outcomes on a shoestring budget.

Increase website traffic

The goal is to increase the number of people who visit the website. This is known as traffic diversion and traffic diversion programmes in practice. As long as we have a website, we can execute this sort of campaign in almost any circumstance. The goal of traffic diversion is to grow our remarketing lists and sell, among other things.

Increase site conversions

E-commerce campaigns are a more specialized type of conversion campaign. In addition to standard conversion efforts, product database-based advertising and so-called catalogue campaigns are frequently used. The product database may be utilised to eliminate the necessity for human ad creation. Webshops, which often offer thousands of goods, would struggle to advertise and keep data, such as pricing, current in their adverts.

Post highlights

This has a complicated backstory. In many circumstances, well-planned Facebook marketing is an important component of this sort of campaign. So it’s assumed that a firm crafts a post plant (a Facebook content plan that dictates when a post will be published), generates the post’s content, including text and a picture, and shares it.

Different kind of Facebook ad formats

Slideshow ads

Slideshow commercials tell a storey using graphics or videos. Make your own slideshow with a minimum of three photos and a maximum of ten photographs or videos. Slideshow advertising can aid in the navigation of a complex sequence or the simplification of a complex procedure.

Slideshow advertising also have the advantage of being able to target folks with outdated devices and sluggish internet connections. You may either utilise a slideshow creation tool in Facebook Ads Manager or design your own slideshow and submit it.

Carousel ads

These are not to be confused with slideshow advertisements. Carousel advertisements, unlike slideshow advertising, provide you greater flexibility by allowing you to display two or more images/videos with distinct titles. The photographs show the different changes in the look of the adverts. Each picture may be connected to a separate web page and each creative is displayed as a card that can be cycled through.

Dynamic ads

Remarketing is a breeze with dynamic product advertising. They let you to market items to consumers who have shown interest on other platforms, such as your website, app, or anywhere else on the internet. All you have to do is create the campaign, and Facebook will handle the rest.

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