Why You Should Stop Taking Drugs for Your Diabetes

This causes a rise in the glucose levels in the blood. However, since your pre-diabetic, your body’s cells are unable to take on the actions of Insulin. The result is that the spike in glucose causes the pancreas to create more Insulin.

In time, this can lead to increasing levels of Insulin and blood glucose throughout your body, until eventually, you get fully-fledged diabetes.

To prevent this from happening, you have to cut out sugar from your coffee and tea, as well as stop drinking sodas and other drinks that contain sugar.

It is also important to begin eating more natural foods like whole grains and legumes, as well as fruits and raw vegetables. These are all the best sources of unrefined carbs.

Dietary fiber is an indigestible component of plant foods. There are two kinds of fiber, and eating enough of both kinds is vital to prevent vertigo from becoming the more severe form.

Soluble fiber the fiber known as soluble fiber dissolves into water, forming an emulsifying gel-like substance that slows down the speed that food is absorbed and reduces the risk of rapid spikes in blood glucose levels.

Insoluble fiber cannot dissolve in water but absorbs water, making your stool bulkier and facilitating its flow. It is also linked to decreases in blood glucose levels; however, the mechanism behind it isn’t clear.

The most important sources of soluble fiber include… legumes (beans, peas, peas, and others) cereals (oats and barley), rye,) vegetables, such as artichokes, broccoli, and carrots… roots vegetables like onions and sweet potatoes… as well as the interiors of certain fruit like the plums, prunes and fruits, bananas, and the pears.

Insoluble fiber can be located within… entire cereal grains… the bran of corn and wheat… the seeds and nuts… potato peels… Flax seeds… fruits such as bananas and avocados… certain skins like tomatoes… and even vegetables like green beans, courgettis, cauliflower (zucchini) as well as celery.

Certain plants are rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. Consume lots of fruit and vegetables, and you’ll have enough fiber to avoid the development of diabetes in your pre-diabetes.

8: Limit your consumption of processed foods

Foods that are processed, such as bacon sausage, pate salami breakfast cereals cheese, tinned vegetable bread, and sweet snacks (crisps sausage rolls, pastries, and pies), biscuits and cakes, microwave meals, and many more are loaded with oils in addition to added fats, refined grains, sugars and all kinds of additives.

Foods processed for processing are associated with various health issues, which includes diabetes. A study showed that low-quality diets that contain a lot of processed foods could increase the risk of developing diabetes by 30percent…

In order to avoid your diabetes becoming chronic, must reduce your intake of processed foods. Consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other plant-based foods.

Restrict portions sizes

When food enters your stomach starts to be digested all at once.

So, it is not surprising that eating too much at one time has been proven to increase levels of Insulin and blood sugar in those who are diabetic predisposed.

A study over two years of pre-diabetic males observed that those who lowered the amount of food they consumed in one meal were at an 80% lower risk of developing diabetes as compared to those who ate massive quantities.

Another study on people suffering from Re-diabetes found that those who exercised portion control reduced their Insulin and blood glucose levels by a significant amount after 12 months.

To prevent the development of diabetes, you must practice portions control.


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